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Faculty Curriculum Meetings

How can you use Abeka? Find out in an exclusive presentation designed to fit your time frame. Take an up-close, in-person look at Abeka materials and get answers to your questions.

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Summer In-Service Training

In-Service Training helps teachers (preschool–secondary) learn how to use Abeka most effectively. These hours in training will give your teachers a better classroom experience—AND one free Continuing Education Unit.

At Your School

ProTeach Video Presentations

Let your rep show you how the video program may be the affordable answer to your faculty challenges. With ProTeach master teachers on video, you can get the instruction you need for full grades, specific subjects, or even daily lessons when teachers are out sick.

Expert Guidance

Your rep knows all about Abeka—from tips on making the most of your budget to preparing even first-year teachers to thrive.