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Now used by over 8,000 students enrolled in Master Video Schools every year, ProTeach has been a trusted choice since 1984.

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After an annual registration fee, lease DVD’s for $1/grade PLUS access the entire streaming library FREE.

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Find expertly taught video instruction—from a Christian perspective—for every subject & grade.

Meeting Your Needs

Starting a school?

  • If you have at least five students, you can start successfully with the ProTeach Master Video Program.
  • You won’t have to turn away students because you don’t have enough teachers.

Expanding your school?

  • Expand simply & affordably with the ProTeach Master Video Program.
  • Offer the grades & high school subjects you need as you grow.

Fully staffed?

If you’re fully staffed with teachers and only need video lessons for a subject or two, ProTeach Supplemental Video would be a better fit.

Video Lessons

What does a video
lesson look like?

See video lesson samples


For less than 1 month’s salary for 1 full-time teacher, you can get all this for an entire year:

  • Professional teaching from a Christian perspective
    • for every subject
    • in every grade
    • on DVD & streaming

After a once-a-year registration fee of only $1,500 for 15+ students, you’ll be able to lease DVDs for $1 per grade.

  • For 10—14 students, your annual registration for all the professional teaching you need is only $2,000.
  • For 5–9 students, your annual cost for all the professional teaching you need is only $2,500.

At no extra charge, you’ll also receive access to our complete video streaming library for K4–grade 12.

Use your unlimited video streaming hours however you’d like!


Your on-site teacher will keep your students on track and accountable.

Abeka Academy master teachers (recorded in their classrooms) will engage your students and lead them to grow academically and spiritually.

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How it Works

How It Works

As a Master Video School, you’ll

  • Maintain a consistent, high-quality academic program by using Abeka exclusively.
  • Each year, purchase an Abeka student kit for every student.
  • Provide a classroom environment that encourages learning.
  • Use expert instruction on video to teach your students as needed, including an on-site adult to supervise students, keep them on track, and grade assignments and tests.


  • expert instruction for all grades and courses K4–12th grade (streaming & DVD)
  • video manuals to help the on-site teacher or substitute know which lessons to watch, homework to assign, etc.
  • optional Accredited Enrollment Plan available for students


  • the ability to maintain a complete academic curriculum with minimum staff
  • the power to prevent learning gaps and reinforce content between subjects/grades by using one consistent curriculum
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Sample Schedules

What subjects are covered when at a Master Video School? Click below to see what a typical day looks like.

Download sample schedules
Accredited Enrollment Options

Accredited Enrollment Option

For $215, students in K5–12th grade can participate in the Accredited Enrollment Plan. Those students who participate in the plan will receive the benefits of an accredited transcript and diploma from Abeka Academy.

With this optional service available to Master Video schools within the U.S., you’ll send us graded work and progress reports for each student who chooses to enroll in the Accredited Program.

Students remain enrolled in and pay tuition to your school.

For each student who chooses the Accredited Enrollment Plan, we’ll provide

  • a plan of study
  • assessment and validation of student work
  • report cards at the end of each grading period
  • a high school diploma (following completion of 24-credit graduation requirements)
  • up to 3 official accredited transcripts each year the student is enrolled

It’s almost like we’re working for you.

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Abeka Academy Accreditation

Students who take advantage of our Accredited Enrollment option will have their education with Abeka Academy accredited by the following organizations:


Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools

Abeka Academy Accredited program, having satisfied the accreditation standards of the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS) [1429 Bethel Church Road, Omega, GA 31775; Telephone: (850) 422-0065; email:] has been awarded the status of Full Accreditation. In keeping with accreditation standards, our video teachers undergo certification through FACCS. Full Accreditation through FACCS provides additional national and state recognition with the following affiliations: The National Council of Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) is a consortium of accrediting associations for the recognition of early childhood, elementary, and secondary private schools and serves as a national review panel for the standards and review procedures of private school accrediting associations.

Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools (FAANS) membership represents all of the major nonpublic school faith-based and non-sectarian Associations in Florida and thus encompasses the majority of the nonpublic schools within Florida. Affiliation with FAANS functions as a vital link between nonpublic schools and the Florida Legislature and the Florida Department of Education.


Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools

Abeka Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA CESS) [3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104; Telephone: (267) 284-5000; email:]. MSA CESS accredits early-childhood through post-secondary institutions throughout the United States and member institutions in more than 85 countries around the world. The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools is recognized by national and international communities as the leader in both improving the quality of education through the accreditation process and affirming to the public the trustworthiness of its accredited members for the twenty-first century.

Ready to apply?

If you can already tell that the ProTeach Master Video Program is just what your school needs, you can apply right now. Just download the form below, then mail or fax it in. (You’ll find the mailing/fax info on the app.) If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-877-223-5226.

Download Accredited Application Master Video Order Form
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