Family and Consumer Sciences Quiz and Test Book

Family and Consumer Sciences Quiz and Test Book

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Item No.  103438
Grades 9th Grade – 12th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 70
Edition First
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Knowing why takes our learning to a whole new level. This quiz and test book focuses not only on the whats but the whys. You can know that your teen is having important concepts and reasons reinforced for concepts ranging from good manners, hospitality, and stewardship to nutrition and food preparation. This key component of this course will help broaden your teen’s capabilities in the home and his usability in whatever context the Lord may call him to.

The quizzes and tests are correlated with the texts Home Economics Family/Consumer Sciences (2007); Home Economics Family/Consumer Sciences Lab Manual with Recipes (2007); and Home Economics Family/Consumer Sciences Teacher Guide, which includes the daily plans. Answers and detailed grading instructions are sold separately in Family/Consumer Sciences Quiz/Test Key. Grades 11–12. One semester.

Product Features

  • The quizzes and tests contain multiple questions that call for the student to explain, compute, or apply, taking your teen’s thinking to a higher level.
  • In addition, a variety of objective question formats on the quizzes and tests such as multiple choice, modified true/false, matching, and completion holds your teen’s interest and verifies whether he understands a concept, no matter how it is presented.
  • The 20 quizzes and 5 tests provide important review, practice, and motivation for your teen and accurate evaluation of his understanding for you.
  • Tests 3 and 5 are cumulative examinations, reinforcing the concepts previously taught in the textbooks and labs.
  • Since each quiz and test specifies the curriculum lessons it covers, you can easily adjust quizzes and tests to your schedule for greater flexibility.
103403 Family and Consumer Sciences
103411 Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Edition
110914 Family and Consumer Sciences Lab Manual

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