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3rd Grade – 6th Grade

Band Method Conductor Score

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Band Method Conductor Score
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Enjoy teaching and conducting a beginning elementary band using a variety of music that includes hymns, fun songs, patriotic music, and traditional American folk songs! Coordinates with the individual band instrument books in Abeka's Solid Foundation Beginning Band Method series and the lessons in the Teacher Guide (sold separately). Beginning instrumentalists will enjoy practicing and performing in a band with these 119 enjoyable practice selections, 8 performance songs, and 4 scale exercises. Each selection includes the music for flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, and percussion. 205 pages.

  • Discover notes. Because instruments all have different ranges, the same note will look different on the staff. Discover Note pages will let you what children playing each instrument will see on their page with they all play the same note, while giving them an opportunity to practice playing the concert pitch.
  • Lesson songs. Every song the children are introduced to will be in the book in order that they appear in the lessons. The songs are also labeled at the top such as Lesson 1-Exercise 1, so you can easily direct the children to exactly where you are. The table of contents lists every lesson and the songs that come in those lessons.
  • Performance songs. Just like in the student book, the performance songs are all listed in the back of the book. These traditional songs and hymns will be exciting for you to direct and for the children to play together.
  • Group exercises. Playing in groups is such an enjoyable experience for children, and group warmup/exercises will help them create cohesive music together. Scales are provided in the back of this book to help the band play in tune together. Various keys are given that are designed for specific concert pitches (the note that everyone will play, but will appear differently for each instrument on the staff). Scale exercises help tune and unify the band.

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3rd Grade – 6th Grade
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103241 Band Method Teacher Guide
103357 Band Method Trumpet
103276 Band Method Clarinet
103284 Band Method Flute
103292 Band Method French Horn
103314 Band Method Alto/Baritone Saxophone
103365 Band Method Tuba
103306 Band Method Drums/Bells
103349 Band Method Trombone/Baritone
103322 Band Method Tenor Saxophone
103373 Band Method Oboe
103268 Band Method Bassoon

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