Bible Truth DVD #13: Crossing Red Sea, Mount Sinai, Twelve Spies

Bible Truth DVD #13: Crossing Red Sea, Mount Sinai, Twelve Spies

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Grades K5 – 6th Grade
Dimensions 5.25 x 7.5
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In a day when children are used to being entertained, you can train them to listen. These doctrinally rich Bible Truth DVD lessons are taught very simply by a master storyteller using a flannelgraph with light piano music in the background. Designed to reach the hearts of children, each stand-alone Bible story was featured on Aunt Beka’s Bible Stories, a television program that aired in the Pensacola area for over 20 years.

DVD contains three Bible stories of Israel under Moses’ leadership. “Crossing Red Sea” describes God’s miraculous defeat of the Egyptian army (9 mins.). “Mount Sinai” starts with the Battle against Amalek and continues to the giving of the Ten Commandments and Israel’s worship of the Golden Calf (20 mins.). “Twelve Spies” uses accounts from Numbers 13–14 and 21 to show Israel’s lack of faith, God’s judgment, and His gracious provision to forgive so that we too may “look and live” as many Israelites did when faced with the fiery serpents (20 mins.). For more stories about Moses, see Bible Truth DVDs #11 and #12.

Great for family devotions, Bible story time with young relatives, children’s activities, and Bible clubs or on large projection screens for Christian schools, Sunday schools, VBS, etc. K5–gr. 6.

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