Chemistry Lab Demonstrations DVD

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Grade 11th Grade
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Actually watching matter interact with other matter and energy in a laboratory setting makes chemistry understandable—to say nothing of fascinating! It is also a vital part of the study of chemistry. This 3-DVD set takes your high schooler through 27 well-presented classic chemistry labs—hydrocarbons, colloids, chemical kinetics, nuclear chemistry, and more. 782 minutes total. Your teen will have a solid base in chemical principles. Accompanying information and lab-reporting guides are sold separately in Chemistry: Precision and Design Laboratory Manual. For use by homeschoolers not taking the course by video. Gr. 11.

Product Benefits

  • Cost and convenience. Most chemicals and materials required for chemistry labs are unavailable for the home setting. The cost of the equipment and materials required for these labs is prohibitive for individuals. Your teen has the benefit of learning from and reporting on excellent demonstrations without either of these concerns.
  • Safety. Lab safety is of utmost importance. In fact, the first lab emphasizes this very fact. What a relief to be able to reap all the benefits but none of the hazards!
  • Disposal of chemicals. EPA requirements regarding the disposal of chemicals are very exacting—and often differ from state to state. With the DVDs, you will not have to think of clean-up—it is all done for you!
182931 Chemistry: Precision and Design
314609 Chemistry: Precision and Design Digital Textbook
182958 Chemistry Teacher Edition
197106 Chemistry Answer Key
182966 Chemistry Test Book
182974 Chemistry Test Key
182982 Chemistry Quiz Book
183016 Chemistry Quiz Key
183024 Chemistry Lab Manual
183032 Chemistry Lab Manual Teacher Edition

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