History of the World Digital Teaching Aids

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Grade 7th Grade
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Give history lessons something extra with the detailed History of the World Digital Teaching Aids. These visuals include 131 images and 40 videos that coincide with the daily lessons. These aids include maps, timelines, and missionary journeys for the Eastern and Western Hemisphere. Complete with labeled maps for teaching, unlabeled maps for reviewing, and examples of how map projects should be completed, these Digital Teaching Aids give your child a better understanding of history, and allow you to take your teachings to the next level. Whether on a computer, tablet, or other mobile device, these images, videos, and webpages can be downloaded and displayed on a smartboard, television, or projector (at 16:9 HD ratio) using compatible presentation software that supports .mov, .mp4, .flv, and .wmv file formats.

183202 History of the World
314676 History of the World Digital Textbook
183229 History of the World Teacher Edition
241555 History of the World Answer Key
183237 History of the World Test Book
183245 History of the World Test Key
183253 History of the World Quiz Book
183261 History of the World Quiz Key
183288 World Atlas and Geography Studies of the Eastern Hemisphere
201782 Geography Studies and Projects: Western Hemisphere Key
183318 World History Maps
183334 Eastern Hemisphere Map Skill Cards

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