Algebra 2 Teacher Edition

Algebra 2 Teacher Edition

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Item No.  197726
Grade 10th Grade
Dimensions 8 x 10
Binding Spiral
Pages 696
Edition First
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What teacher couldn’t use an assistant? Let the Algebra 2 Teacher Edition assist you in guiding your students to success. Besides providing a copy of the student text with answers inserted, the key includes a teacher supplement in the back with suggestions for class schedules, tips for teaching word problems and other aspects of the text, a scope and sequence to give you a course overview, and daily plans for 170 lessons.

The flexible pacing options featured in this text will help you make knowledgeable adjustments to meet the needs of your students. Challenging concepts are noted in case your students need a little extra time for mastery. Optional concepts are noted if your planning calendar needs some flexibility. Our Algebra 2 Quizzes/Tests (sold separately) is designed to correlate with the options you choose. This flexible pacing feature will allow you to meet the needs of your students without sacrificing the overall success of the year. 696 Pages. Recommended for grade 10.

Product Benefits

  • Answers in color beside the textbook problems help you quickly check your students’ work. See our Solution Key (sold separately) for detailed solutions for each problem that involves a series of steps and for solutions that are large such as graphs.
  • A scope and sequence gives you a handy course overview. You can know at a glance which chapters are covered and which quizzes and tests are administered each three-week period.
  • Teaching guidelines give helpful hints for each part of the lesson including class time allotments, tips for class practice, and more.
  • The daily plans for 170 lessons give prompts to go over homework, review previous concepts, administer tests and quizzes, demonstrate new concepts, and assign practice problems and homework. You can know what to do for each algebra class lesson!
  • In the daily plans, an overview is provided for each new chapter, with teaching notes helping you know concepts and points that should be emphasized.
  • A flexible pacing option allows you to tailor lessons to your students’ needs. Tips suggest when to insert an additional day of review, if needed, and which text sections can be optional to provide further instruction for more advanced students. These optional concepts are marked in review sections to guide you in reviewing and to provide homework problems, applying the optional concepts.
  • Spiral binding and soft front cover make it easy to keep your book open to just the page you want. The hard back cover supports the book for easy holding.

Note: These progress reports are for your records and do not need to be sent in to Abeka.
If you’re enrolled in the accredited program, we’ll provide separate Abeka Academy progress reports for you.

Algebra 2 Progress Report

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