Consumer Mathematics Skills and Review Exercises

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Item No.  2662X
Grades 9th Grade – 12th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 216
Edition Second
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From reading electric meters to figuring the cost for carpeting a room, your students will get the practice and review of skills he needs as a consumer with this essential workbook. Designed to accompany the Consumer Mathematics textbook, this workbook includes the following:

  • The 120 short practice exercises at the front of the book review percentages, decimals, fractions, simple interest, word problems, and other general mathematical concepts. They are completed during Homework Check Time, and some are designed as optional quizzes as explained in the lesson plans in the Consumer Mathematics Teacher Edition.
  • A “Skills Check” for each textbook section reinforces essential mathematical skills needed to apply the concepts. For instance, your class will practice finding percentages, using formulas, completing ratios, converting fractions to decimals, and many other mathematical skills. After studying the text lesson and completing these practice problems, your students can approach the text exercises with confidence!
  • “Review Exercises” are correlated to the textbook lessons. Designed to be completed apart from class time, they check if your students are understanding the skills and concepts as they work outside the classroom.  
  • Each unit ends with one or more review lessons. Cumulative review lessons following units 6 and 12 prepare your students for the semester exam. These reviews give your students the ample practice they need to learn how to properly earn and manage money.
  • The wide variety of formats for the exercises includes computation, completing charts, an abundance of practical word problems, true/false, matching, and more. The variety of formats keeps your students interested and makes sure they understands the concepts, no matter how they are presented.
26603 Consumer Mathematics
26611 Consumer Mathematics Teacher Edition
59471 Consumer Mathematics Solution Key
26638 Consumer Mathematics Skills and Review Exercises Teacher Key
26646 Consumer Mathematics Test and Quiz Book

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