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Bible Doctrines for Today


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Grade 10th Grade
Dimensions 6 x 9
Binding Paperback
Pages 292
Edition Third
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The Bible exhorts us as believers to “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you.” A strong doctrinal understanding gives your teen a solid foundation to sustain his faith. Help your teen (or any believer!) know “why” and “what” he believes with this 292-page book.

Product Benefits

  • Clear explanation of the nine major doctrines. This text goes through a clear scriptural study of nine doctrines covering the Bible, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, man, salvation, the church, angels, and end times. The text is written on a level that a high schooler can easily understand while also introducing him to new theological terms that will expand his reading comprehension from other sources.
  • Ample scriptural support. With ample verses to verify each teaching and historical proofs and logic as extra support, this text will give your teen confidence as he solidifies his own beliefs based on the truths of Scripture.
  • Preparation for countering false doctrine. As your teen learns in-depth principles about each doctrine, he will be made aware of opposing worldviews and learn how to recognize their fallacies. He will see how Scripture, God’s clear hand in his creation, and other proofs clearly refute these false philosophies.
  • Answers to spiritual questions. How did people get saved in the Old Testament? How can I know for sure that I’m saved? Can I trust that we still have God’s inspired Word? Answers to common spiritual questions are explained from Scripture.
  • Spiritual application. Boxes of practical information help your teen understand how to apply these doctrines to his daily walk. Truths such as expressing Christ’s love, principles of prayer, and living righteously before our holy God are highlighted within correlated doctrines.
  • Easy-to-follow layout. Text is written in an outline format with charts, bold terms, and text boxes. This logical presentation and helpful layout makes it easy to locate key points quickly. An index quickly guides you to just the pages you need.
107581 Bible Doctrines for Today Teacher Edition
101257 Bible Doctrines Quiz and Test Book
178942 Bible Doctrines Quiz and Test Key
101818 Bible Doctrines Sing His Praise CD
109061 Sing His Praise Hymnal

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