Online Dual Enrollment with Pensacola Christian College is for high-achieving students who meet the admissions requirements below and are seeking additional academic rigor and challenge in their sophomore, junior, and senior year.

It’s a great way to get a head start on college while still in high school. In addition, some college courses can replace and earn credit for high school courses.

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Online Dual Enrollment FAQs

General Enrollment

What is online dual enrollment?

It’s an opportunity for high-achieving high school sophomores and above to get ahead by taking online college courses and earning college credit while still in high school.

Will I have a full 12 months to complete an online dual enrollment class?

No. Online dual enrollment courses have set begin and end dates that match the college schedule. Each term is 12–15 weeks long. View dates and deadlines for more information.

Would I be able to get an extension to finish both/either enrollment(s)?

Extensions up to six months are available with your Abeka Academy courses. College courses must be completed by the term end date.

How early (grade level) can I start taking online dual enrollment classes?

Dual enrollment is open for rising sophomores or above who

  • have earned at least 6 high school credits and
  • maintain a high school GPA of 3.0 or above (3.25 for students with fewer than 12 credits).

In place of ACT, CLT, or SAT scores, applicants may submit score for any college readiness assessments approved by the Florida State Board of Education. High scores on PCC placement exams may waive the entrance exam requirement.

What if I meet all of PCC’s requirements except for the ACT, CLT, or SAT score? Or what if I haven’t taken one of those tests yet?

PCC’s Dual Enrollment Office can give you more information about your options. You can give them a call at 850-478-8496, ext. 4050, or email

Can I take a summer enrollment for online dual enrollment, or only a full enrollment?

Courses are available in the fall, spring, and summer terms.

If I don’t plan to attend PCC, can I still participate in the online dual enrollment program? Will I be able to transfer the credits I earned with PCC to another college?

Yes. Students planning to transfer credits to another institution are responsible to confirm whether courses meet the institutional and specific degree requirements of the transfer institution.

Is the cost included in the 6 credits allowed for the program? Or is there a separate fee?

Dual enrollment courses cost $120 per credit hour plus a $30 Access and Technology Fee per course. View a current list of tuition and fees and see how our payment plan works to make dual enrollment courses even more affordable.

Will the online dual enrollment course conflict with my plan to march in the graduation ceremony?

Enrollment in online dual enrollment courses should not conflict with your plan to march in the Abeka Academy graduation ceremony. Additionally, your Abeka Academy online dual enrollment advisor will work with you to ensure that you are on track for graduation. View graduation requirements to know what is expected.

Are there deadlines for the college work to be turned in?

Like your high school classes, online dual enrollment courses have set begin and end dates. But they follow a college schedule, separate from Abeka Academy’s.

Can I drop an online dual enrollment class if it becomes too difficult? Will there be any academic penalty?

To make sure dropping a course won’t affect your high school graduation requirements, Abeka Academy will need to grant permission. You’ll also need to notify PCC of your request in writing by email or by letter sent to the following address:
Pensacola Christian College
P.O. Box 18000
Pensacola, FL 32523-9160

A $10 drop fee will be charged. Tuition and fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable once the term begins. There will be no academic penalty for courses dropped prior to the last week of the term.

Can semester-only students still have access to this?

Yes, online dual enrollment is available to all students who meet the qualifications for online dual enrollment.

Can I have a full-year high school enrollment and a one-semester college enrollment?

Yes. See each term’s dates and deadlines.

Will I still need to take a minimum of 4 credits with Abeka Academy my senior year to get the diploma from ABA? If so, would the online dual enrollment classes count toward those 4 courses?

A minimum of 4 credits in your senior year will need to be taken in order to receive a diploma from Abeka Academy. This is in addition to any online dual enrollment courses that you decide to take. View the suggested high school plan of study for reference.

Will my ABA tuition be reduced if I am taking classes through PCC?

The cost of tuition in Abeka Academy does not include online dual enrollment costs. View tuition cost for ABA and online dual enrollment for more information.


What courses will be offered?

Bible, English, history, math, and science courses that meet liberal arts requirements are offered. In addition, some elective courses are available. View course listing for all available courses.

Is there a limit to how many courses I can take?

You can take up to two courses per term.

Will the weighted GPA scale be altered to reflect an online dual enrollment class similarly to how an honors class is altered?

Online dual enrollment courses do not receive a weighted value from Abeka Academy.

Do the online dual enrollment courses follow grade level requirements or only class requirements (for example, if Precalculus can be taken as online dual enrollment, is it available only for those who take online dual enrollment as a senior, or can any online dual enrollment student take the course?)

Any online dual enrollment student can take the courses offered as long as they meet the prerequisite given. View course listing to see available courses and required prerequisites.

Dual Enrollment with PCC

Do I have to move to PCC and live on campus to take the college class?

No. Even though you’ll be receiving course credits from Pensacola Christian College, you won’t be considered a Pensacola Christian College student.

Can I live on PCC’s campus while taking the college class?

No. Even though you’ll be receiving course credits from Pensacola Christian College, you won’t be considered a Pensacola Christian College student.

Will there still be academic help? How would I get academic help?

Abeka Academy will be there to help you with your academic questions for courses taken through Abeka Academy. This help is available through calling 877-223-5226. PCC also offers tutoring and academic help for online dual enrollment courses. This help is available online through the Academic Success Office.

How does testing work?

All tests are completed online through Canvas and may be proctored by a remote online proctor or by an approved in-person proctor.

What can I expect when taking online dual enrollment courses?

You’ll access your courses online through Canvas, an online learning management system where you can watch course videos; turn in assignments; take quizzes and tests; and communicate with other students, your teacher, and the Online Learning Office.
Online dual enrollment courses have the same lectures and course requirements as on-campus college courses. For a 3-credit course, plan to spend about 9 hours a week watching course lectures, studying, and completing course assignments. Plan 6 hours weekly for 2-credit courses and 12 hours weekly for 4-credit courses.

Will the dual courses allow me to opt out of math, science, or history requirements at PCC?

Online dual enrollment courses earn college credit at PCC. A PCC admissions counselor will contact you after you have applied for online dual enrollment and can guide you as to what course would be best for you to take based on your anticipated major.

Online Dual Enrollment with Other Colleges/Schools

Is this program offered through PCC only? Will Abeka Academy recognize credits earned with other colleges?

Abeka Academy only has a dual enrollment agreement with PCC. Only college credits issued from PCC are recognized by Abeka Academy.

Why doesn’t Abeka Academy offer dual enrollment with other colleges?

Abeka Academy does not have an articulation agreement with any other college.