Arithmetic 5 Quizzes, Tests, and Speed Drills

Arithmetic 5 Quizzes, Tests, and Speed Drills


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Grade 5th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 138
Edition 4th
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Is your child progressing in his reasoning abilities? These carefully crafted tests are designed both to reveal that fact and to develop your child’s reasoning ability as he applies arithmetic concepts to multiple contexts. The 17 biweekly tests (including 1 final examination) and 17 biweekly quizzes cover new concepts while reinforcing previously taught skills. The 135 speed drills (about four per week) will also encourage your child to build his speed with his combinations and other memory work. The tests correlate with the Arithmetic 5 Work-text, 4th ed., and the Home School Arithmetic 5 Curriculum/Lesson Plans. Answers are sold separately in the Arithmetic 5 Teacher Quiz, Test, and Speed Drill Key.

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