Spelling and Poetry 1

Spelling and Poetry 1

Item No.  197076
Grade 1st Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Bound
Pages 131
Edition Fifth
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Your child will be a spelling whiz in no time! This colorful book contains 30 carefully selected phonics-based word lists. Creative spelling exercises such as matching, fill in the blank, and circle the rhyming word strengthen your child’s ability to memorize and spell the words correctly.

Product Features

·         New spelling words are reinforced with three or four creative word exercises for each spelling list. Various activities from alphabetizing the words to solving word puzzles and riddles make learning fun!

·         An information box above each spelling list emphasizes a phonics rule or special sound. Concepts taught in reading are reinforced in spelling!

·         Answer lines corresponding to the Writing with Phonics 1 tablet encourage your child to write with neat penmanship whether he is writing his name or his spelling words.

·         Several spelling lists have advanced/sight words marked in green. Though these important words may not follow a specific phonics rule, learning to spell them strengthen your child’s reading skills!

·         Includes 3 review lists for important reinforcement of learning.

·         Christina Rossetti’s “Boats Sail on the Rivers” and 7 other age-appropriate poems to memorize develop a love for poetry and strengthen memory skills.

·         The back section of the book entitled “Homework,” features each spelling list and a detachable portion with blanks to copy the corresponding spelling words. Great for review purposes, the homework features each word in cursive and in print for recognition of both styles of writing.

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