Cost Effective


Prices start as low as $25/month to lease DVDs. Only $.50 per hour for video streaming.



Now used by 800+ Christian schools/year, Abeka Academy has been trusted since 1984.

Complete Video


Find expertly taught video instruction—from a Christian perspective—for every subject & grade.


How can you use ProTeach expert video instruction? The best answer might be “However you need to!”

  • To get master teachers for hard-to-fill subjects or grades
  • To catch up students who are behind
  • To provide an outstanding education within your school’s budget
  • For summer school
  • As a way to keep sports teams learning even on the road
  • As inexpensive—yet effective—teacher training
  • To keep teachers from juggling teaching 2+ grades at a time
  • For a “virtual substitute” whose expert teaching can keep the class on track

With ProTeach, you’ll never have to turn students away because you don’t have a teacher.

Video Lessons

What does a video
lesson look like?

See video lesson samples


Since lessons are recorded in a master teacher’s actual classroom at Pensacola Christian Academy, your students feel like part of the onscreen class.

They see their “classmates” learning, making mistakes, and improving—just like they are.

Your staff

  • provides a well-managed classroom environment and oversees classwork, quizzes, and tests.

Your students

  • watch the lessons,
  • learn along with their classmates on video, and
  • participate in assignments, activities, and games.
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You can order just what you need, whether you're a video-only school or you’re just using video lessons for high school electives.


Choose between DVD or Streaming


  • Full grades in K4—grade 6
  • Single subjects in grades 7—12

More Details

  • Pick the courses or grades you want.
  • Lease your DVDs at an affordable monthly rate (as low as $25/month).
  • Use your DVDs as you need to—for a whole class or just one student.


  • Any lesson in any grade, any time
  • Available for $.50 per hour

More Details

  • Use your hours for one student’s viewing on their own device OR several students at one time on a shared TV/projector screen.
  • Discounts available for purchases over 5,000 hours.
Keys to a Successful Video School

Keys to a Successful Video School

Find out

  • How to set up classrooms
  • How much bandwidth you need to stream
  • And more.
See Keys to Successful Video School