Get the benefits of homeschooling—without the burden of doing everything yourself.

More family time
Flexibility & choices
Academic challenge from a Christian perspective

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Expert teachers draw students in like they’re part of the class.

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Since lessons are prerecorded, you can do school anywhere, any time.

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Free video manuals show what to expect & give you a plan to start from.

awesome teachers

I couldn’t imagine a better curriculum for our children! The teachers are very awesome and are great at interacting with the kiddos at home, and always explain things so easily.
Rachee L.

What do lessons look like?

See samples

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pride and confidence in learning

I am teaching my daughter Kindergarten (k5) using the video teacher. I absolutely love it! She has so much confidence and she is proud of everything she learns!
Amanda H.

Your Comfort Zone

If you don’t feel comfortable teaching on your own . . . if you’re too busy to do it all . . . if you feel stretched thin with homeschooling PLUS everything else . . .

Abeka Academy for full grades can help you find your homeschooling comfort zone.

When you’re not the only teacher, you get

  • more one-on-one time for your children.

You enjoy

  • the freedom to homeschool even if you don’t have the time to develop every lesson yourself.
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never have to worry

I really can’t put into words how you have helped and encouraged me through your program. I know that if it wasn’t for the video option my children wouldn’t be getting half the education that they are currently receiving. With the videos it doesn’t matter if I am sick, busy with a baby, helping in the ministry, my children can do their schooling separate of me. I am not overwhelmed or stressed. I never worry about the kids falling behind in school. I never have to worry about teaching something the wrong way. Best of all, they are receiving a Christian education!
Hannah L.

Caring, Skillful Teachers for Every Grade

How do you teach calculus? Fifth-grade science? Tenth-grade literature? Spanish?

How do you explain any subject so your kids “get it”?

Whatever grade, whatever subject, the teachers on video have it covered. They tap into their years of experience (and love for students)

  • to make hard concepts simple
  • to draw in students of all abilities
  • to motivate each student to do his best
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Who are the video teachers?


See Teacher Bios

understand the curriculum better

Loved Abeka homeschooling. They provided video-based classes from Pensacola to help with learning, and it REALLY helped me understand the curriculum better (especially algebra). Will definitely be using Abeka to homeschool my kids!
Hannah A.
Group of textbooks and video lessons

More “Brain Space”

Everything is there and easy to follow, so you have more “brain space” to deal with parenting issues, errands, work—the rest of life.

  • A simple plan
  • Textbooks
  • Quizzes & Tests
  • Quiz & Test Keys
  • Complete Video Lessons (on streaming or DVD)

You’re still in charge, but the video teacher takes care of the most time-consuming part of homeschooling.

And if your child needs extra help understanding something, just call 1-800-874-3592 and ask for an academic advisor. (It’s free!)

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lighten the load

Last year and the beginning of this year we did Abeka. My husband suggested that we try Abeka Academy just to lighten the load on me, and we LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for having Abeka Academy as an option. It’s been wonderful!
Lyndee J.

The Best Part

As your children learn, you get to see their reactions. Help them work through the tough stuff. And award those well-deserved As!

You’re the one giving hugs, pats on the back, and words of encouragement.

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Abeka Academy

good, godly education

It is a blessing to know what a good, godly education my students using the videos are getting while I am able to work with my littles. Thank you for all the talent and effort used in teaching our children. God bless you.
Erin R.


Choose accredited or independent study based on what works best for you.

Same textbooks. Same lessons. Same price!


You get everything you need for a successful school year, plus extras.

  • your child’s books
  • 170 days of engaging lessons from master teachers
  • quizzes & tests
  • free video manual
  • official report cards & transcript
  • diploma
  • free standardized testing

It’s like the premium package (at no extra charge).

Independent Study

You get everything you need for a successful school year.

  • your child’s books
  • 170 days of engaging lessons from master teachers
  • quizzes & tests
  • free video manual

What’s the better fit for me—accredited or independent study?

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Abeka Academy delivers professional instruction on par with private tutoring. Typically, that costs $30–$85 per hour.*

Your kids get the competition and engagement of a classroom setting plus the one-of-a-kind experience of schooling at home at a much lower cost than private schooling.**

Of course, you’d never pay that homeschooling.

So how does Abeka Academy’s cost compare to traditional homeschooling—where you do all the teaching yourself?

If you bought a 1st grade complete parent kit and child kit, your cost would be $773.50.

For a full school year with Abeka Academy, your cost would be $900. That’s only $126.50 more than if you were doing the teaching yourself.

PLUS, there’s an easy payment plan available. (For tuition and books, your cost after down payment could be as low as $95.20 for 10 months.)


What are the prices for each grade? What’s the payment plan like?

See Options & Prices


When you decide on Abeka Academy, all you have to do is

  • Choose your full-grade enrollment.
  • Choose whether you want to buy the book package to go with it. (If you purchase books separately, make sure you get the right editions so they match the video lessons.)
Sample of dashboard webpage

Then we’ll send you a link to redeem your enrollment on your FREE, easy-to-use dashboard.

From your dashboard, choose what subjects you want and complete your application. After that, you can

  • Customize your calendar.
  • Keep track of lessons.
  • Give your kids assignments each day.
  • And more! Click below to explore more time-saving features.

Free. Easy. Time-Saving.

What can my free dashboard do for me?

Discover the dashboard

enjoy participating

I wanted to let you know how I, as a mom, have enjoyed participating in and with Abeka Academy.
Ginger M.

More Video Options

If full-grade video isn’t for you, check out

  • Subject combinations (1st–6th grade)
  • Individual courses (7th–12th grade)
  • 10-hour blocks of streaming lessons on demand (K4–12th grade)
Explore FlexTeach video options
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