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Whether you’re brand-new to homeschooling or experienced… eclectic or traditional… you can find just what you need to help you provide an excellent education from a Christian perspective.

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thrived with the curriculum

I love Abeka’s traditional approach to education. My daughter (5th grade) has thrived with the challenging, thorough, and structured curriculum. Due to her high interest in history, we recently took a field trip to Monticello. She was able to recite the Declaration of Independence (thanks 4th & 5th grade Abeka history!) from Thomas Jefferson's steps!
Kim S.

Mix & Match

Mix & match products to find what works best for you.

What does that mean?

  • If you want to teach everything using Abeka books & lesson plans, you can do that.
  • If you’re looking forward to teaching English and history but would rather have teachers on video for science and math… you can do that.
  • If you only want 10 hours of video lessons for extra review or labs, you can do that.
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I love your curriculum

I got my order a few weeks ago and I must say I love your curriculum. It is the best. Not only for content level, but the books are just so well laid out and the pictures are fabulous in the history and science books. Love, love it! I can't say enough good things about Abeka.
Dana A.


Even if you embrace traditional printed textbooks and teach every subject yourself, you can still flex your homeschooling freedom!

Lesson plans are there to help you.

  • They’re carefully crafted to be effective with students of all abilities—but you know your children best.
  • The suggested schedules have worked smoothly for thousands of families—but every family is unique.
  • They’re your tools—not your taskmaster.

Feel free to…

  • Do subjects in a different order.
  • Add in your own special projects & field trips.
  • Adjust pacing to fit your children’s needs.

You’ll have what you need to homeschool successfully. How you use it is up to you!

flying through the books

This is our first year homeschooling and I have a kindergartner. I was so nervous about her learning to read. She is flying through the books and Abeka made it so easy. It was all laid out for me and I got to pick and choose what worked for her. I would definitely recommend this to any home schoolers.
Crystal R.

More Reasons

You have hundreds of choices in homeschool curriculum. What’s best for you? What’s best for your children? With so many choices . . . why Abeka?

Discover Why Abeka
Discover Why Abeka