Themes in Literature Quiz and Test Book

Themes in Literature Quiz and Test Book

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Item No.  157813
Grade 9th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 94
Edition Fourth
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As parents, we want to train our children to see the big picture. The quality testing over literature in this book provides an opportunity for your teen to objectively evaluate situations and discern the main point and consequences of actions. He will note right and wrong ways to deal with life—part of looking for the big picture.

The quiz and test book is correlated with the text Themes in Literature, 4th ed., and the Homeschool English 9 Parent Guide/Student Daily Lessons, which also provides oral quizzes over various literature selections. Answers and grading instructions are sold separately in the Themes in Literature Teacher Quiz/Test Key. Grade 9.

Product Features

  • Objective questions in the 12 literature tests evaluate your teen’s recall of key details, key lines, and authors, building his literary background and his appreciation for these great works of literature and their authors.
  • Essay questions on the unit literature tests continue to develop your ninth grader’s critical thinking skills in discerning key details. In addition to plot summaries, this year’s summaries also include aspects that focus on how or why, including heart motivations and their consequences. This ability to summarize accurately and succinctly and to objectively evaluate are essential skills.
  • Each literature test is designed to be combined with its corresponding Grammar and Composition III test for one test grade. In ninth grade, the emphasis is still on grammar to build that critical foundation in language skills with enough exposure to literature to build appreciation and enjoyment.
  • Two nine-weeks exams and semester and final exams provide periodic cumulative review to encourage long-term retention of learning.
  • The 20 speed/comprehension quizzes (5 over a selection provided in the test book; the rest over selections from Themes in Literature) build your ninth grader’s skill in reading quickly with understanding as he prepares for heavier content courses ahead. A bonus reading speed and comprehension chart makes it easy for your teen to track his progress and motivates him to excel.
  • The 4 content quizzes over Longfellow’s Evangeline (of about 8–11 questions each) prepare your teen for the type of literature content quizzes given regularly in grades 10–12.

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