Animal Alphabet Friends Flashcards

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Grades 2 Years – K4
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Let Betsy Bee and Itchy Inchworm make learning letters and sounds of the alphabet fun with these flashcards. Each flashcard uses an animal friend to introduce a new letter. Showcasing the animal, letter, and other words that start with that letter on the front helps your child to associate that sound with the animal friend. On the back of each card is a small poem, a fun story about the Animal Alphabet Friend, tips on how to teach the letter’s shape and sound, a learning game, fun activities, fun facts, a corresponding song, and vocabulary development words with their definitions. For extra fun, your child will love singing along with the songs on the Animal Alphabet Friends CD (sold separately). Preschool.


  • Develops your child’s language skills as he learns many new vocabulary words
  • Increases your child’s listening skills as he listens to new information and then answers questions
  • Strengthens your child’s motor skills as he participates in fun games and activities
  • Helps your child develop an appreciation of God’s creation as he learns about the animals in the world around him
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