Insects Teaching Cards

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Grades 4th Grade – 7th Grade
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5
Pages 188
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Your child’s reaction toward bugs may change from “Ugh!” to “Wow!” as you enhance his science studies with this set of 114 captivating cards on the insect world. These colorful, detailed, 5½" x 8½" cards are designed to teach and review parts of the insect’s body, metamorphosis, classification, identification, and terminology:

  • The 3 concept cards identify the parts of an insect’s body and metamorphosis. Features a labeled illustration on one side and intriguing information on the other. Being familiar with the various stages of an insect’s life cycle can help your child recognize the larval or immature form of a species on a nature hunt!
  • The 9 cards illustrating familiar insect orders give the order name and pictures of representative insects on one side of the card and helpful information about the order on the other. Your child will discover the great variety within the insect world.
  • The 62 identification cards feature a full-color picture of the insect on one side of the card. The opposite side gives the bug’s name, characteristics, size compared to a dime, and its classification order. Most of the insects represented are familiar ones found throughout much of North America. Use the fascinating facts to help your child understand the important function insects fulfill in God’s marvelous design for the balance of nature.
  • The 20 terminology cards contain two scientific vocabulary terms each. They can be cut in half to make 40 flashcards containing a term on one side with its definition on the other. Post the science word of the day, and use previously learned terms in review drills and games.
  • The accompanying 16-page booklet includes teaching instructions and tips for using these cards to enhance your child’s learning.

Use the cards to improve your child’s observation skills and give him a deeper appreciation of the wonders of God’s creation. Display them on bulletin boards or in the science corner or take them along outdoors for field studies. Many concepts relating to insects are developed in the Abeka Science Series in kindergarten–grade 7 and biology. Especially recommended for gr. 4–7.

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