Grade 7 Homeschool Student Kit

Grade 7 Homeschool Student Kit

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Grade 7th Grade
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A Grade 7 Homeschool Student Kit will provide all your child needs in one convenient kit! Abeka’s high-quality, traditional-education materials will give your child a solid foundation for excellence in academics and success in life. The Grade 7 Student Kit contains all essential textbooks and coordinated materials, including assessments, for an entire year of schooling in English, Basic Math, Life Science, and World History—16 items total. Combine this kit with the Grade 7 Parent Kit to confidently teach and guide your seventh grader through a year of academic excellence from a biblical worldview.


  • English
    • Literature—Stories about people—pioneers, patriots, professional athletes, etc.—entertain, inspire, and teach young people. Great storytellers like Dickens, O’Henry, and Kipling will develop your child’s vocabulary and reading comprehension. Discussion and essay questions build his thinking skills.
    • Grammar and Composition—A solid foundation in traditional grammar teaches your child how language works and develops his logical thinking. A variety of writing applications ensure that his communication skills are strengthened.
    • Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry—Knowing the best word is often what distinguishes the best communicators. The 20 weekly spelling words and 10 vocabulary words from literature will take your child one step closer toward that goal. He will also learn from memory 8 poems, including “If” by Kipling and “Chartless” by Dickinson.
  • Basic Math—Advance confidently into algebra through work with polynomials, square roots, and simplifying equations. Your child will be introduced to basic geometry and trigonometry in problem-solving exercises that apply concepts. Constant reinforcement of essential skills lays the foundation for success with new concepts.
  • Life Science—Your seventh grader will get a clear presentation of life science and how all of life from insects to plants to people work together within God’s order and design. Over 250 labeled pictures and charts make this subject real—and interesting!
  • World History—Help your child learn about the past from a Christian perspective and plan for the future in light of Christian principles. His study will take him through the halls of history to meet the Egyptians and their pyramids, Rome and its empire, Johann Gutenberg and his printing press, America and the Industrial Era, and more.

The following items are included in this kit:

245895 Grammar and Composition I—Revised
245917 Grammar and Composition I Quiz and Test Book—Revised
245933 Of People—Revised
245984 Of People Quiz and Test Book—Revised
246018 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry I—Revised
246034 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry I Quiz Book—Revised
148407 Basic Mathematics
148482 Basic Mathematics Quiz and Test Book
246077 Science: Order and Design—Revised
246093 Science: Order and Design Test Book—Revised
246115 Science: Order and Design Quiz Book—Revised
246131 Science: Order and Design Activity Book with STEM project resources—Revised
183202 History of the World
183237 History of the World Test Book
183253 History of the World Quiz Book
183288 World Atlas and Geography Studies of the Eastern Hemisphere

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