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2nd Grade

Grade 2 Child Kit (Unbound)

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Grade 2 Child Kit  (Unbound)
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This year, your second grader will be learning all of the special sounds and read a total of 10 readers. He will also start writing letters and thank you notes. In Arithmetic, your second grader will finally learn four digit addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, rounding, and much more! History will be a lot of fun as your child will be introduced to a deeper study on our country, America, and the people who built it. By the end of second grade, your child will have made amazing leaps in learning! Get all you need in one kit with the Grade 2 Child Kit (unbound).

Bound version also available. Bible lessons sold separately.


  • Reading. Your student will get to gradually advance his reading skills this year with the delightfully illustrated readers such as Fun with Friends, Quests for Adventure, Wonders of Imagination, Through the Skies, and more! The reading comprehension sheets included will also assist in your student's comprehension while reading stories. 
  • Language. Give your child an excellent foundation in sentence structure, language development, and grammar. The new Phonics and Language 2 book uses the special sounds that will help expand his vocabulary, enhance his word analysis, and increase his reading speed. 
  • Spelling and Poetry. With 33 phonics-based word lists, your student will build his vocabulary. Teach them the importance of poetry memorization with eight-fully illustrated poems. 
  • Penmanship. Your second grader will practice correct letter formation, spacing, proportion, and slant through writing exercises that include Bible verses and creative writing exercises.
  • Arithmetic. This is the year your student will sharpen his basic arithmetic skills and use them in new areas such as carrying in addition, borrowing in subtraction, and applying fractions. Using delightful themes and full-color illustrations, learning math can be fun!
  • History. Reading the historical accounts of the Pilgrims, Native Americans, early colonists, pioneers, cowboys, and immigrants will instill patriotism into your student. He will also gain a better understanding of American holidays, patriotic songs, and flag etiquette. 
  • Science and Health. For curious second graders, learning about the bodies they live in, plants, animals and their habitats, and the weather is not just an academic exercise—it’s fascinating! Especially when he gets to experiment with the “Something to Try” exercises throughout the book that let him practice what he’s learning.

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2nd Grade
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The following items are included in this kit:

242853 Fun with Friends
242888 Quests for Adventure
242985 Across the Meadow
242918 Wonders of Imagination
243035 Through the Skies
242969 Growing Up in Early America
243019 Growing Up around the World
243051 Growing Up Where Jesus Lived
243086 All Kinds of Animals
242934 My New Name
307769 Reading Comprehension 2 Skill Sheets (Unbound)
182788 Primary Bible Reader
201103 Handbook for Reading
243108 Phonics and Language 2 (Unbound)
243132 Phonics and Language 2 Test Book (Unbound)
243213 Spelling and Poetry 2
243248 Writing with Phonics 2 (Unbound)
243264 2nd Grade Writing Tablet (Unbound)
243302 Arithmetic 2 (Unbound)
243345 Arithmetic 2 Tests and Speed Drills (Unbound)
242462 Our America
242446 Enjoying God's World
242403 Health, Safety, and Manners 2
307742 History, Science, and Health 2 Activity Book (Unbound)

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Grade 2 Child Kit (Unbound)

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