Langue et Louange French 2—Books A/B

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Grades 9th Grade – 12th Grade
Binding Paperback
Pages 618
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Langue et louange means “language and praise.” As your language learner is expanding skills to praise God in French, he is also developing a ministry mindset for people of other languages and cultures. Through the learn-memorize-practice-apply method, he will learn to speak, understand, read, and write basic French in common situations. Abundant application exercises emphasize communicating orally with reasonable grammatical accuracy. With its gospel-spreading emphasis, this 2-volume set (one text for each semester) has the added advantage of high-quality instruction from a Christian perspective. Use with the Teacher Guide and Vocabulary Manual (sold separately) for maximum effectiveness. Grades 9–12.

Product Benefits

  • Thorough review of French 1! A full 3 weeks of review—including Bible memory verses!—reinforce that all-important foundation. As the year continues, exercises throughout and quarterly reviews provide regular reinforcement of concepts.
  • Easy-to-follow grammar explanations. Step-by-step grammatical instruction with abundant examples help the language learner understand the structure of the language, resulting in increased proficiency.
  • Clear explanation in English. English guidance throughout lets you know precisely what is expected. An index in each volume help you find what you need quickly.
  • Practical tools for French ministry. Besides memorizing Bible verses, your teen will gain practice in orally translating Bible stories in French, be prepared to read the Bible in French, and read testimonies from missionary kids who grew up in France.
  • Variety of presentations. Text includes conversations, interviews, scenes, and translating opportunities for oral practice with another, grammar lessons, Bible accounts with reading comprehension questions, and composition assignments. The variety of contexts progressively develops speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • Flexibility. Each of the 28 chapters is designed to be covered in a week with other weeks set aside for initial review of French 1, quarterly reviews, and two optional chapters at the end of the French 2B book. This design makes it easy to allow flexibility for your life situation and your language learner’s progress.

The following items are included in this kit:

43532 French 2 Book A
47716 French 2 Book B
20079 French 2 Teacher Guide
38830 French 2 Vocabulary Manual
44482 French 2 Vocabulary Manual Teacher Guide
20117 French 2 Test Book