Business Mathematics Test and Quiz Book

Business Mathematics Test and Quiz Book

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Item No.  67962
Grades 10th Grade – 12th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 149
Edition Second
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Some have estimated that 15 percent of the Bible is about money or possessions! Know that your high schooler is learning important principles of financial stewardship as well as gaining the skills for managing his own finances accurately and wisely through this quiz, test, and speed drill book. The tests and quizzes correlate with the textbook Business Mathematics in Christian Perspective Work-text, 2nd ed., and Business Mathematics in Christian Perspective Teacher Edition, which includes the course’s curriculum/lesson plans. Answers are sold separately in Business Mathematics Test/Quiz Key. Grades 9–12.

Product Features

  • The 54 timed speed drills (1–2 per week) build your teen’s speed and accuracy with basic math skills. Constantly reaffirming this key foundation for success boosts his confidence in problem solving and makes math enjoyable!
  • The 34 quizzes enable you to evaluate your teen’s understanding weekly, signaling you when extra review and practice are needed before progressing to a new concept.
  • The 8 unit tests divide the five broader concepts of stewardship, managing your business, investment, income and taxes, and banking into smaller sections for periodic evaluation.
  • The 2 nine-weeks exams and semester and final exams review concepts so that newly learned skills are constantly reinforced.
  • The quizzes and tests cover problems of average difficulty rather than the hardest ones, giving you an accurate reflection of your teen’s understanding.
  • Quiz and test questions are presented in a variety of formats such as true/false, matching, short answer, conversions, computations, word problems, essay, and completion of various accounting sheets and graphs. This assortment of presentations tests your teen on multiple levels from recall to application, expanding his reasoning ability and helping you zero in on weak areas.
67946 Business Mathematics
67954 Business Mathematics Teacher Edition
68195 Business Mathematics Solution Key

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