Band Method French Horn

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Item No.  103292
Grades 3rd Grade – 6th Grade
Dimensions 8.25 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 59
Edition First
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Your child will have fun learning to play the French horn with this clear, colorful book! This thorough beginner’s instruction book is designed to teach the basics. Lessons include short tunes to apply the concepts followed by a section in the back of the book with 8 beginning band performance songs, warm-up exercises, and scales. Correlated with both the Teacher Guide and Conductor Score for the Solid Foundation Beginning Band Method that includes brass, woodwinds, and percussion. 59 pages. Gr. 3–6.

Product Benefits

  • Informative lessons. Includes 19 lessons that give your child a solid music foundation as well as fundamental knowledge of the instrument. Each lesson will add another note to be learned, a new key signature, or a musical or technical element to apply in that lesson.
  • Alternate and supplementary lessons. If your child has a limited music background, these alternate lessons are for him! He should complete the 19 alternate lessons first before he completes the 19 primary lessons. Because of the difficulty of some of the notes and techniques played on the French horn, these alternate lessons are essential if this is your child’s first instrument. In addition, four supplemental lessons are provided at the beginning of the book for all students. These notes are in an easier range on the French horn so that your child can gain comfort on the instrument before he moves to more difficult ranges that are in the lessons.
  • Correct technique illustrated! Full-color photographs and clear explanation make instruction clear! Your child can see proper posture while playing, each part of the instrument, how to set up the horn and hold it, and correct fingerings. Parents can use the photographs to check that their child is practicing with good technique.
  • Important terms. For beginner musicians, a knowledge of musical terms deepens his understanding of music and provides necessary background for playing in a group setting. Your child will learn how to identify parts of the music like the staff, measure, and bar line. Glossary of Musical Terms is also included.
  • Counting. No experience with rhythms? No need to worry. The book clearly explains basic rhythms to give your child confidence in playing.
  • Song variety your child will love! Whether in the lesson tunes or in the full songs at the end of book, your child will learn how to play traditional songs such as “Camptown Races,” hymns such as “Nothing But the Blood,” and new melodies! Your child will enjoy the variety of music and will have fun preparing and playing each one.
103241 Band Method Teacher Guide
146625 Band Method Conductor Score