Band Method Teacher Guide

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Item No.  103241
Grades 3rd Grade – 6th Grade
Dimensions 9.125 x 11
Binding Spiral
Pages 94
Edition First
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Help your child along to becoming a solid musician with this thorough spiral-bound teacher’s guide. You will be provided with all the fingering charts, posture charts, and setup guides for each instrument. Extra tips for each instrument give you an understanding of what your child is learning and how to assist.

Product Benefits

  • Lesson prep! Lesson preparation is invaluable! These lesson prep pages that correspond with the first note pages in the child’s book will prepare you for successful teaching. These pages list goals you and your child will set, help you establish proper fundamentals with technique, and give the essentials of proper tone.
  • Extra tips. These extra tips for each instrument will help you in addressing the challenges that come with playing the unique instrument your child has chosen. These tips are written in a concise way so your explanations can be easy to understand.
  • Instrument setup. Assembling instruments can be tricky at first, but these colorful pictures will make setting up instruments easy. There are step-by-step instructions that correlate with the instructions your child is shown in his book.
  • Fingering charts. Proper fingering will allow your child to play correct notes consistently and ultimately play accurately in his music. Your child will learn the fingering for his instrument throughout his lessons, but you can monitor and guide his fingering with the fingering charts provided.
  • Lesson guides. Make your child’s lessons exciting and stress free. These lesson plans assist your child step-by-step so that you can cover the essentials in every lesson. Clear explanation prepares you to answer questions or give further guidance. New concepts for each lesson are listed for you at the beginning of the lesson plan.
  • Warm-ups. Warm-ups are very important for all music lessons and should be given special attention. Various warmups for each instrument are listed in the back. Each warm up is designed to target essential techniques for that instrument so your child can master these techniques early on.
  • Glossary. For your convenience, a glossary of musical terms is provided. You will be as familiar with musical terms as your child! Gr. 3–6.
146625 Band Method Conductor Score
103357 Band Method Trumpet
103276 Band Method Clarinet
103284 Band Method Flute
103292 Band Method French Horn
103314 Band Method Alto/Baritone Saxophone
103365 Band Method Tuba
103306 Band Method Drums/Bells
103349 Band Method Trombone/Baritone
103322 Band Method Tenor Saxophone
103373 Band Method Oboe
103268 Band Method Bassoon