Jaffe Violin Series Level 1

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Dimensions 8.5 x 11
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Pages 44
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Your child can be playing hymns on the violin during his first year of lessons! The Pray, Sing, Play Method provides an effective and enjoyable teaching method for training beginning violinists. Singing the songs first puts the tunes into your child’s head, making them much easier to play. Level 1 introduces first position on the violin, basic bow strokes, dynamics, and other techniques. Want performance songs for your child? See our Jaffé Violin Sacred Solos with Piano Accompaniment Level 1 (with CD). Gr. 4–12.

  • Clear visuals. Photographs and diagrams illustrate how to hold the instrument, parts of the instrument, and correct fingering. Both you and your child can see what correct technique looks like.
  • Lessons one step at a time! With this step-by-step process, learning the notes will be clear and fun. Each section will teach a different fingering in first position and will provide several different tunes to practice that fingering, helping your child achieve confidence. When a new fingering is learned, your child will also learn either a new bow technique or rhythm. How fun to know he is increasing in his abilities!
  • Christ-honoring music with doctrinally rich messages. Familiar hymns are fun to play and even more fun when they can count as practice. From “Count Your Blessings” and “How Firm a Foundation” to “Stand Up for Jesus” and “Trust and Obey,” your child will love the hymn tunes that help either introduce a new rhythm or position or provide practice material. It will be fun for your child to recognize what he is playing while drilling his skills. And the words he has sung and played will remain in his mind for years to come!
  • Musical knowledge. Learning key signatures, dynamics, and musical markings are not only important in reading the music, but they can add life to the songs. Your child will learn how to observe tempo markings, dynamics, and articulations so his music can have variety and accuracy. Reviews on musical concepts are also provided so he can drill his knowledge. The last few pages provide cut-apart note reading flash cards. His sight-reading ability will blossom with this drill!
  • Extra practice. Your child can have fun just playing songs with the hymns that are provided at the end. These hymns will incorporate all your child has learned from this first volume, giving him a way to apply all his knowledge.