Family and Consumer Sciences Lab Manual

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Item No.  110914
Grades 10th Grade – 12th Grade
Dimensions 6 x 9
Binding Paperback
Pages 149
Edition First
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Each of the 14 labs and 30 recipes in this manual applies and reinforces principles already taught in the text. The first lab is chocolate chip cookies. What a tasty way to start! (Salads and meats and desserts to follow!) The labs are introduced and organized by helpful procedures that aim for success. The evaluation sheets included for each lab makes grading thorough and accurate. In the process, your teen will become familiar with kitchen equipment, develop skill in measuring ingredients accurately, practice following a recipe, and improve organizational skills in the kitchen. Designed to be used for one semester in grades 11–12.

103403 Family and Consumer Sciences
103411 Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Edition
103438 Family and Consumer Sciences Quiz and Test Book

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