Geography Bowl Quiz Team Book

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Item No.  157643
Grades 5th Grade – 8th Grade
Dimensions 6 x 9
Binding Paperback
Pages 45
Edition Third
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A little team competition provides great motivation and makes learning fun! Here is a chance to show off all of that geography study covering both old facts and new! The book includes the rules and questions for 6 Geography Bowl contests. Each quiz has 50 toss-up questions and 50 bonus questions, including answers and point values. The contestant who rings the bell first and answers a toss-up question correctly has the opportunity to answer a bonus question! Geography Bowl competition is included in the Homeschool History and Geography 6 Curriculum/Lesson Plans, but the contests are fun to use in other grades too. The parent needs a copy of the book to conduct the quizzes, and participants need a copy to prepare for the competition. Gr. 5–8.

Product Features

  • Quizzes are organized by topic so that teams can focus their preparation. The 3 first-round quizzes focus on world geography, divided into the topics of cities, people, and physical features (mountains, deserts, water). The 2 playoff round quizzes cover “State” the Facts and Europe and Asia. The championship round quizzes over world records, such as the tallest, longest, largest, etc. How fun and profitable to learn these interesting facts!
  • Scoring is easy with both point values and a copy of the score card provided. Also included are 16 tie-breaker questions.
  • Participants can monitor their preparation progress. Each quiz is followed by spaces for recording their number of right answers and wrong answers for 4 warm-ups. They will know they are learning!

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