Homeschool New World History/Geography Maps B

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Grade 6th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Pages 32
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This handy book of 14 brightly colored teaching visuals (labeled on one side and unlabeled on the other) helps your child master geography facts by learning locations of the world’s regions, countries, oceans, landforms, and more as taught in the Homeschool History and Geography 6 Curriculum/Lesson Plans and New World History and Geography, 4th ed. The unlabeled side is great for reviews. The perforated pages make it easy if you prefer to remove individual pages to display on the wall. The 8½" x 11" size makes it easy to store detached pages in page protectors. Gr. 6.

Note the following:

  • Physical maps focus on aspects such as names of land masses, mountains, and bodies of water whereas political maps focus on names of countries/states and capitals. Maps that do not specify physical or political include aspects of both.
  • Maps on sections of U.S. give more detail, including large cities besides capitals.
  • Landforms and bodies of water maps illustrate geographical terms such as estuary, highland, gorge, mesa.

Featured Maps and Charts

  • The World—Physical
  • Western Hemisphere—Physical
  • Western Hemisphere—Political
  • Canada
  • U.S.—Political
  • U.S.—Physical
  • Eastern U.S.
  • Middle U.S
  • Western U.S.
  • Mexico and Central America
  • West Indies
  • South America
  • Landforms and Bodies of Water A
  • Landforms and Bodies of Water B

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