Physics Lab Demonstrations DVD

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Grade 12th Grade
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Observing the properties of Newton’s third law of motion in a laboratory setting makes physics understandable—to say nothing of fascinating! This 2-DVD set guides your teen through 20 labs that cover electrostatics, magnetism, projectile motion, centripetal force, static friction, and more. These demonstrations allow your student to fulfill the requirements of the course without the unnecessary cost and inconvenience to you. Accompanying information and lab-reporting guides are sold separately in Physics: The Foundational Science Laboratory Manual. Correlates with the text Physics: The Foundational Science, 2nd ed. Approx. 575 minutes total, lab length varies from 7 to 41 minutes. For use by homeschoolers not taking the course by video. Gr. 12.

Product Benefits

  • Cost. Much of the equipment and many of the materials required for physics labs are unavailable for the home setting, and the cost of these items is prohibitive for individuals. Projectile launchers, ripple tanks, hot plates, and multimeters are examples of equipment you would need for these labs. Your teen has the benefit of learning from and reporting on excellent demonstrations without the concern of expense.
  • Convenience. Before setting up your own physics lab, you would have to check federal, state, and local regulations regarding lab equipment. Once you made sure you were in regulation, the estimated preparation time per lab would be 1 ½ to 2 hours. With the DVDs, you won’t even have to think of this. Save yourself hours of planning, set-up, and clean-up by purchasing the DVDs.
  • Safety. Lab safety is of utmost importance. In fact, the first lab emphasizes this very fact. What a relief to be able to reap all the benefits with none of the hazards!
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