Plane Geometry Test and Quiz Book

Plane Geometry Test and Quiz Book

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Item No.  178101
Grade 11th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 159
Edition Second
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Discover if your teen is learning to think analytically, logically, and systematically as you monitor his progression through his geometry studies. Focusing on the whys and hows, the questions lead your teen to analyze a problem, plan steps for solving it, and then carry out the steps to the problem’s logical and correct solution. Having a reason for each of his proof statements is emphasized. The tests and quizzes correlate with Plane Geometry, 2nd ed., and Plane Geometry Teacher Edition, which includes the scope and sequence and weekly teaching outlines. Answers are sold separately in the Plane Geometry Test/Quiz Key. Grade 11.

Product Features

  • The 50 quizzes and 12 tests (including 4 cumulative tests) provide review, extra practice, and motivation for your teen and accurate evaluation of his understanding for you. You will know when to progress to the next section or pause for extra practice or explanation. Success on quizzes creates confidence for tests.
  • Since each quiz and test specifies the section of the textbook it covers, you can easily adjust quizzes and tests to your schedule for greater flexibility.
  • To help you accurately assess your teen’s understanding, the questions/problems are of average difficulty rather than the hardest ones and use a variety of question formats involving recall, computation, and application.

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178098 Plane Geometry Test and Quiz Key

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