Music Theory I

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Item No.  183563
Grades 3rd Grade – 4th Grade
Dimensions 8.5 x 11
Binding Paperback
Pages 51
Edition Second
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Making music is so much fun! While your child is enjoying the adventure of learning to play the flutophone, he will also be learning music skills that will help him his whole life. This colorful work-text gives your beginning musician a basic knowledge of musical concepts and symbols. He will learn note names, note values, intervals, and dynamics. He will also be introduced to sight singing and aided in developing an appreciation for classical music! Lessons include exercises to check your child’s understanding. Flutophone should be purchased separately. Gr. 3–4.

Product Features

  • The fun of playing an instrument! Your child will enjoy showing you his newfound skill with the flutophone as he plays songs from “Pop Goes the Weasel” to “God Is So Good.” The hands-on application makes practical use of music concepts and creates excitement for future music studies, such as participation in band, orchestra, or choir.
  • Creative exercises. Whether it’s naming the notes to solve the riddle in a Musical Mystery exercise or filling in the blanks to find the secret message in a Musical Checkup, your child will find learning fun!
  • Provision for abundant practice. In addition to the songs and exercises in the lessons, Music Theory I includes supplementary note practice,9 more songs for extra practice, and 39 individual flashcards your child can use for extra reinforcement of learning.
  • Step-by-step instruction. Perfect for beginning musicians, Music Theory I starts your child at the very beginning with note names and takes him all the way to harmony, musical markings, and beginning conducting patterns. Work-text includes pictures of correct fingering on the flutophone for each note learned. Your child will have a solid foundation for recognizing notes and rhythms on the staff and even learn how to write them himself.
  • Musical check-up. These 4 comprehensive reviews are designed to reinforce the music theory concepts your child has learned throughout the book and prepare him for Music Theory II.
183571 Music Theory I Teacher Edition
183628 Music Theory Flashcards (for use with I and II)
188565 Music Theory I Digital Teaching Aids

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