Science: Matter and Energy Digital Teaching Aids

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Grade 9th Grade
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Enhance your student's understanding of complex science concepts with the Science: Matter and Energy Digital Teaching Aids. Give your student the privilege of witnessing firsthand how physics and chemistry concepts relate to everyday situations. From heating a room and charging a battery to driving a car and turning a light on, your student will be able to visually understand the scientific proofs behind all of these feats through these Digital Teaching Aids. This set of Digital Teaching Aids includes:

  • 240 images that correlate with the material taught from the student textbook
  • 46 animations without audio to allow teacher narration

Whether on a computer, tablet, or other mobile device, these images and animations can be downloaded and displayed (4:3 SD format) on an interactive whiteboard, television, or projector using compatible presentation software that supports .jpg, .mov, .mp4, .flv, and .wmv file formats.

115584 Science: Matter and Energy
314447 Science: Matter and Energy Digital Textbook
115592 Science: Matter and Energy Teacher Edition
115606 Science: Matter and Energy Answer Key
115657 Science: Matter and Energy Test Book
115665 Science Matter and Energy Test Key
115673 Science Matter and Energy Quiz Book
115681 Science: Matter and Energy Quiz Key
115614 Science: Matter and Energy Lab Manual
115622 Science Matter and Energy Lab Manual Teacher Edition
175315 Science in Action: Science Project Guide

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