Grade 4 Bible Kit

Grade 4 Bible Kit

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Start your day off with the most important subject that you could teach your class—Bible. The Grade 4 Bible Kit is a comprehensive kit that equips you with material to teach daily Bible lessons for an entire school year. Complete with Curriculum Lesson Plans, 14 sets of Flash-a-Cards, Sing unto the Lord songbook, sing-along CD, and Sword Drill Book—these tools give you the foundation to add righteousness to your daily reading, writing, and arithmetic instruction in fourth grade.

The following items are included in this kit:

195073 Salvation Series Flash-a-Card
164062 Creation, Adam, and Cain Flash-a-Card
168971 Enoch, Noah, and Babel Flash-a-Card
195103 Abraham & Isaac Flash-a-Card
197491 Jacob Flash-a-Card
194816 Joseph Flash-a-Card
14338 The First Thanksgiving Flash-a-Card
75310 First Christmas Flash-a-Card
75329 Boyhood and Early Ministry of Jesus Flash-a-Card
75337 Jesus Heals and Helps Flash-a-Card
75345 Later Ministry of Jesus Flash-a-Card
241881 Crucifixion and Resurrection Flash-a-Card
241946 Life of Paul Series 1 Flash-a-Card
197475 Life of Paul Series 2 Flash-a-Card
63983 Sing unto the Lord Songbook
89613 Grade 4 Sing unto the Lord CD
138754 Grade 4 Bible Curriculum
24244 Sword Drills (Book)