K4 Student Kit

K4 Student Kit

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Take advantage of your student’s inquiring mind and teach him that learning is fun! Our simple, logical phonics system helps your student find success immediately so that he can quickly become an independent reader. This kit includes all of the student’s essential textbooks and supplies for phonics, reading, cursive writing, and numbers—24 items total. Combined with the K4 Teacher Kit (cursive), which provides the lesson plans and main teaching aids, you can provide your 4-year-olds the knowledge and learning habits he needs for a strong foundation in academics and character development.


Phonics—Your student will enjoy carefully sequenced activities that will teach him his vowels, consonants, blends, one-vowel words, and two-vowel words. The Abeka method has produced thousands of successful readers for more than half a century!

Reading—Building on this foundation of phonics, by second semester your student will actually be reading little books!

Cursive writing—The continuous flow of cursive writing is much more natural for little ones than the starts and stops of manuscript writing. Research has shown that learning cursive writing improves a child’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and other brain and memory functions including increased focus and prolonged attention. Prepare to be amazed with your student’s beautiful writing skills as he learns good technique from the beginning.

Numbers—Your student will love the numerous counting and coloring activities that teach him number concepts and formation of numbers 1–20 and counting up to 100. Adding 1 to a number acquaints him with how numbers work.