Grade 2 Child Kit

Grade 2 Child Kit

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Grade 2nd Grade
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Help your child see the beauty of arithmetic in daily life. This complete kit includes work text as well as tests and speed drills book. The work text is full of wonderful illustrations that make arithmetic fun for your second grader while the speed drills and test book will help him retain important principles of arithmetic. Solidfy and build upon basic concepts learned in first grade with our excellent math program. This year, your child will be learning addition and subtraction facts through 18, four-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication and division facts, rounding, unit fractions, and many more.  Using age-appropriate themes such as transportation, the jungle, community helpers, and camping, your child will enjoy practicing adding and subtracting while learning simple geometry and problem solving.

The following items are included in this kit:

242853 Fun with Friends—New
242888 Quests for Adventure—New
242985 Across the Meadow—New
242918 Wonders of Imagination—New
243035 Through the Skies—New
242969 Growing Up in Early America—New
243019 Growing Up around the World—New
243051 Growing Up Where Jesus Lived—Revised
243086 All Kinds of Animals—Revised
242934 My New Name—New
297097 Reading Comprehension 2 Skill Sheets (Bound)
182788 Primary Bible Reader—New Edition
201103 Handbook for Reading
243116 Phonics and Language 2—New
243159 Phonics and Language 2 Test Book—New
243213 Spelling and Poetry 2—Revised
243256 Writing with Phonics 2—Revised
243272 2nd Grade Writing Tablet—New
243329 Arithmetic 2—Revised
243353 Arithmetic 2 Tests and Speed Drills—Revised
242462 Our America—Revised
242446 Enjoying God's World—Revised
242403 Health, Safety, and Manners 2—Revised
305618 History, Science, and Health 2 Activity Book (Bound)—New
115398 Art Projects 2—Revised

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