Jaffe Strings Track B Year 1 Teacher Kit

Jaffe Strings Track B Year 1 Teacher Kit

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Grades 4th Grade – 12th Grade
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Guide your child through the basics of learning a strings instrument with this complete teacher kit. This kit includes student’s instructional DVDs, allowing your child to learn from Dr. Jaffe’s expertise, teacher’s instructional DVD, allowing you to understand exactly how to conduct the class with maximum success, and a Video Manual, where you would find detailed lesson plans, music sheets discussed in the lesson, orchestra rehearsal music, and priority checking charts. With instructions in preparing, supervising, pacing, and grading the class, you will have all the tools you need to help your young musician succeed in his first year of learning how to play his instrument.

This year, you child will begin to learn basic arm vibrato, shifting in three positions, various common bowing techniques, slurring notes, and rhythms through sixteenth notes.  He will also love playing various hymns, classical music, and other fun songs.

The following items are included in this kit:

107433 Jaffe Strings Track B Year 1 DVDs
47058 Jaffe Strings Track B Year 1 Video Manual
87629 Jaffe Instructional DVD