Grade 8 Parent Kit—Revised

Grade 8 Parent Kit—Revised

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Grade 8th Grade
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The following items are included in this kit:

318736 Homeschool English 8 Curriculum Lesson Plans—Revised
308978 Grammar and Composition II Teacher Key—Revised
308994 Grammar and Composition II Quiz and Test Key—Revised
309109 Of Places Teacher Edition Volume 1—Revised
309117 Of Places Teacher Edition Volume 2—Revised
309044 Of Places Quiz and Test Key—Revised
309079 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry II Teacher Key—Revised
309095 Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry II Quiz Key—Revised
147117 Pre-Algebra Curriculum/Solution Key
147109 Pre-Algebra Teacher Key
178527 Pre-Algebra Quiz and Test Key
318612 Science: Earth and Space Teacher Edition Volume 1—Revised
318639 Science: Earth and Space Teacher Edition Volume 2—Revised
318671 Science: Earth and Space Test Key—Revised
318655 Science: Earth and Space Quiz Key—Revised
318701 Science: Earth and Space Activity Key with STEM Project Teacher Notes—Revised
201707 America: Land I Love Teacher Edition
201723 America: Land I Love Test Key
201766 America: Land I Love Quiz Key
201782 Geography Studies and Projects: Western Hemisphere Key
313866 Grammar and Composition II Supplementary Exercises—New
313874 Grammar and Composition II Supplementary Exercises Teacher Key—New
152137 Rapid Calculation Drills C
104582 Homeschool Arithmetic 3-8 Charts
32328 Arithmetic 3-8 Tables and Facts Charts
151475 Arithmetic 5-8 Concept Cards
290564 America: Land I Love Answer Key
157651 Nifty Fifty State and Capital Flashcards
201839 Western Hemisphere Map Skill Cards

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