Eastern Hemisphere Map Skill Cards


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Item No.  98353
Grade 5th Grade
Dimensions 9 x 12
Pages 122
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How fun and easy to learn and review the names, capital cities, and a few geographical features of nations in the Eastern Hemisphere using these 59 colorful visuals! Includes countries of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia and Oceania. On the front of each of the 9" x 12" cards is the continent, country name, and capital of a nation with a close-up labeled map emphasizing its immediate surroundings. On the back of the card is an unlabeled map of the continent with the nation highlighted in a different color revealing the broader perspective of its world location. Correlates with the Homeschool History and Geography 5 Curriculum/Lesson Plans. Gr. 5.

Suggested Uses

  • Teaching the geography of the nations
  • Illustrating history lessons or current events
  • Rapid review
  • Bulletin boards or decorating schoolroom
  • Quizzes
  • Games given within the curriculum/lesson plans

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