12 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days of Homeschool

100 days of homeschool

By now, the first day of school is just a blur in your memory. How has more than half the school year already passed? Whether you started school in July or waited until after Labor Day, passing the half-way point is a huge deal, and very worthy of celebration. It’s important to stop and acknowledge what you and your kids have accomplished in these last several months. A little celebration will help all of you get remotivated for the months to come. The big question is, how to celebrate!? Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Order Pizza with Pepperoni Placed to Spell Out 100
  2. Make 100 Day T-shirts with Fabric Paint
  3. Glue 100 Fun Items to an Old T-shirt
  4. Make 100 Mini Pancakes
  5. Design Your Own 100 Day Hats
  6. Draw or Paint 100 Spots on a Dog (art, not a real dog…)
  7. Celebrate with a Trip to the Local Ice Cream Shop
  8. Draw and Cut Out 100 Day Glasses from Paper
  9. Count Out 100 Gumballs into a Glass Jar
  10. Make Necklaces with 100 Beads
  11. Stack (and metaphorically knock down) 100 Plastic Cups
  12. Bake Cookies with 100 Chocolate Chips

If your homeschool crew doesn’t celebrate 100 days – because, whew, that’s a lot to keep track of – use these ideas as inspiration to celebrate the other #littlewins, like an “A” on a tough test or memorizing a Bible verse!

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