5 Ways to Prep for Standardized Testing Season

standardized testing

Get your scantrons, No. 2 pencils, and thinking caps on – it’s the standardized testing season! Teachers and students can agree, these aren’t the most “fun” days in the classroom, but yearly testing is a necessary part of the education system. And as the administrator of the test, you want to be confident that you have everything pulled together when it’s test time. Here are 5 things you can do to get prepared. 

1. Inventory Your Test Materials

To ensure you have all of the key pieces when the big day comes, make a list of what you will need. Then, set aside time to check your invoice to be sure all items are included in your shipment. This way you can rest easy on test day.

You can order all your standardized testing materials through Abeka. You have two options for standardized testing, either the Iowa Tests (available in a paper booklet only) or Stanford 10 tests (available as an online test or paper booklet). Both tests are recognized nationally and equally effective. Compare these tests and learn more here. When you place your standardized testing order through Abeka, if the materials shipped to you are damaged, incorrect, or defective upon delivery, contact us as soon as possible, within 10 days of receiving your order. Customer service will be happy to help.

2. Maintain Test Security Before, During, and After Testing

Only test administrators or students taking the test should have access to the testing materials. Be sure to store test materials in a secure, locked area that is accessible only to authorized persons. Test content, whether actual or similar, should not be used for discussion, demonstration, review, practice, or any other reason. Taking extra precautions to keep test materials secure will protect both you and your students from accidentally sharing confidential information.

3. Study the Administration Directions

The better you understand the directions, the more clearly you will be able to explain them to the class. Set aside enough time prior to the test to familiarize yourself with the directions, and prepare to answer any questions that might arise. And if you need help preparing for administrating the test, check out our helpful guides.

4. Add Some Fun to Testing Week

Your students probably don’t enjoy standardized testing any more than you do. So, why not give them a little something to look forward to? Before the test begins, provide them each with a new No. 2 pencil. And at the end of the test, hand out a “you’re a smart cookie” cookie to each student as they complete their tests.

5. Pray

You know which of your students worry over tests. Take some time to lift them up in prayer. Pray that God will give you and your students’ alertness, patience, and wisdom, and ask that each student have a clear mind during their testing.

Once you’ve done everything on this list to prepare, the only thing left to do is administer the test. The most important thing for your students to know on the day of the big day is that these tests are an opportunity to show off what they’ve learned. They already have the knowledge in their brains – this is just a way for them to prove it. You can order all your standardized testing materials through Abeka. Learn more here.

Comments for 5 Ways to Prep for Standardized Testing Season

Maria S. Pauley:
May 27, 2022


One way to help make Standardized testing a positive experience is to let the students know to do their best. This is a test worth taking and we want them to succeed. We allow students to bring a favorite book or magazine to read, coloring books, or just plain put your head down and rest, while quietly waiting for other students to complete testing.

Our students have enjoyed that part of the testing week.

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