How Teachers Can Vacation on a Budget

How Teachers Can Vacation on a Budget

Updated July 10, 2019

Your well-deserved break is finally here! Ready to relax, catch up on sleep, and not be in “teacher-mode” all day?

After a busy school year, it’s time for a real break from teaching. What you need the most is just some peace and relaxation. But sometimes, summer vacations aren’t quite as restful as we hoped. Particularly when you see how much money you’ll spend in just a week or two.

So how can you manage to still have an amazing vacation without going over your budget? Here are a few things you can do to take advantage of discounts and pinch some pennies.


Use Cost Saving Travel Apps 

Your phone is the best tool when it comes to planning a vacation on a budget. There are a plethora of cost-saving travel apps on the market that will allow you to access discounts and special offers at the click of a button.

Flexible Dates 

Flying somewhere? If you’re not tied to specific dates, check the “Flexible Dates” box when purchasing flights. This trick will show all the date combinations at different price points. If you’re flexible, you can pick the cheapest one, and you’re good to go!

Plan A “Staycation”

Instead of traveling someplace far away, try a “staycation” and save on travel and accommodations. Explore the city you live in or a nearby city. Use the above apps or Facebook to browse local events and popular attractions in your area.

Travel With Friends

When you split travel costs multiple ways you can really save! If you’re not traveling with a spouse or family, go with friends and watch the costs go down.


Once you arrive at your destination, there are a few things you can do to cut back on the trip costs.

Pack Your Educator ID 

If you’re traveling in the United States, always bring your teacher or educator ID. Museums, theme parks, or other experiences often offer a teachers discount. You can look on the website or call to check before making plans to stop there.

Swap Things for Experiences

As tempting as that magnet, coffee cup, or picture frame may seem, the key to saving money is to value experience over things. Use the money you’d typically spend on souvenirs and visit an extra museum or eat at a nice restaurant.

Dine on a Dime 

Another great way to save money is to cut back on eating out. Make a list of a few places you definitely want to try, and once you get to your destination, visit a local grocery store and pack lunches for while you’re out and about. And on a nice sunny day, find a local park to have a picnic.

Now that you’re armed with cost-saving vacation tips, get planning! Enjoy time away without the stress of breaking your budget.

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