6 Christmas Traditions That Include Everyone


Want to know the secret ingredient for the best Christmas plan ever? Get everyone involved! Family members of all ages come together for this holiday. Here are some creative ways to get everyone involved and to make the holiday more fun.

Reenact the Christmas Story

We all know the Christmas Story.  Have members of your family dress up as the wise men and other members of the story to retell it at your home. You can use the Flash-A-Cards to help tell out the story while everyone reenacts it. You can also read Scripture selections to help get the story started.

Facetime Those Missing

Try coordinating  meal times so the family in other states or countries can pray and eat together via Facetime or Skype. This simple idea can help make family members you can’t be there feel at home.

Play an Annual Board Game

Choose some of your family’s favorite  board games to play after dinner. The winner of each game can get extra dessert and of course bragging rights.

Take Family Pictures

Start a new tradition by taking a family picture in the same place each year.It can be in  front of the fireplace or everyone standing on the staircase or in the yard. Over the years you can watch how everyone grows from year to year.

 Hot Chocolate Walk

Who doesn’t like hot chocolate? After dinner, gather everyone up and go for a walk around the neighborhood with a cup of hot chocolate. You can admire the neighborhood’s Christmas lights or hand out cookies to friends and neighbors.

Make a Gratitude Paper Chain

Take red and green paper and cut them into small strips about 1 inch wide. Have everyone in the family right something they are grateful for on a piece. After, make a chain and tape it to the wall. Have everyone read aloud their parts of the chain to everyone.

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