7 Homeschool New Year’s Goals to Make This January


It’s finally a new year, and everyone is deciding on their goals for the New Year. Instead of restricting something in your life (chocolate, for example), why not focus on adding positivity in the new year? Here are seven ideas to incorporate into your homeschool routine that could make your 2022 happier and healthier.

1. Pray every day.

Sometimes we forget to pray, or we wait until we’re totally overwhelmed. If you need the motivation to drag your kids (or yourself) out of a cozy bed in the morning, He’s there. If you feel alone, He’s there. If you need help taking it one day at a time, He’s there. 

2. Record the little victories.

Make gratitude a habit this year. When something happens during homeschooling, no matter how little, take a second to write it down in a journal. Or, if you have the wall space, fill up a bulletin board with sticky notes about all the little victories that happen this year in homeschooling.

3. Look on the bright side.

If your kids are dragging their feet at the thought of going back to school, remind them what they have to look forward to! The start of a new year is always a wonderful time to refresh and remind ourselves of the many blessings in our lives.

4. Make time for fun.

Think through a typical day or week. Do any days stand out as your favorite? What happened during those days that was so enjoyable, and how can you create more days like that? Whether it’s a nature walk during lunch to feed the ducks at the local pond, or another way to break up the day, make a note of the things that bring you and your children joy.

5. Set academic goals.

Have you ever heard of SMART goals? That acronym stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive. For example, set a reading goal for your fourth-grader to independently read five age-appropriate books by the end of the month. 

6. Prepare today for tomorrow.

A little bit of preparation at the end of the day goes a long way in ensuring the next day’s lesson will go smoothly. Go ahead and get everything ready for tomorrow’s lessons (e.g., materials, textbooks, workbook pages, quizzes). Review work from today, look over tomorrow’s lesson plans, and figure out if you need to add in any extra review, etc. That way, when it’s time to start, you can start—instead of spending the first five minutes fishing a textbook out from underneath the couch.

7. Get outside more.

Resolve to get outside for 30 minutes of fresh air and exercise each day. If you need some ideas, check out our list of Abeka Academy-approved P.E. activities. It may take a while to incorporate this into your routine, but you and your children will start to welcome this break and look forward to getting outside.

As a homeschooling parent, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Spending a little time at the beginning of every year to set goals will help keep you focused on what’s important. Whatever your reason for homeschooling, you chose it because it was best for your family. Keep that in mind as we head into another exciting year full of growth and fun!

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