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Elizabeth Kidd knows a thing or two about homeschooling multiples. She’s a homeschool mom of four and before that adventure began, she taught in an elementary classroom setting. Today, she’s using her passion for teaching to help encourage other moms who are trying to figure out this whole homeschool-mom-life-balance thing.

Her motto is “Faith, Family, and Home,” and she hosts her own blog where you can follow her for homeschool and organization tips, advice on saving money, or simply finding encouragement through the stories of another homeschool family who knows what you’re going through.

Growing Up In A Christian Home

Elizabeth grew up in a loving Christian environment. Her father was a pastor, and she feels blessed to have been able to grow up with parents that supported her spiritually. “I accepted their Savior as mine when I was a little girl and knew from a young age that I wanted my life to have purpose.” Her parents encouraged her to get involved in their church ministry as well as a children’s organization, where she believes the seed was first planted in her heart that would grow into her becoming an elementary school teacher, and now, a homeschool mother and writer.

The Kidd Children

Elizabeth’s four children are second-generation Abeka students. She was educated with Abeka as well. Now she teaches her children with God’s help and a little bit (ok, a lot) of coffee, of course.

The Kidd Children


Aubrey’s Diagnosis of Down Syndrome

Her middle child, Aubrey, was born with Down Syndrome. The news arrived when Aubrey was 4.5 months old, and it was a life-altering shock to Elizabeth and her husband, David. “You ask me how I know God is real?… I KNOW because of how tightly He held me that day. Words will never do it justice, but if you’ve ever experienced this same upholding from the Father, you understand this is something that I could never describe.”

Today, Aubrey is thriving. And each year on the date that Elizabeth and her family learned of Aubrey’s extra chromosome, January 15, they find a special way to celebrate life, joy, and the goodness of God’s plan.

Customizing the Curriculum for Each Child’s Needs

Parent-led homeschool with multiple children has been an enormous blessing for their unique family. Homeschool allows Elizabeth to easily modify any subject to fit the needs of each of her children. She’s teaching Aubrey by using the Abeka preschool curriculum and customizing it to help her learn in her own way.

“My experience with individuals with this diagnosis was limited, and my understanding of their abilities was narrow. Not only did I begin to read and understand, but I also began to be inspired by all of the amazing individuals out there who have never allowed their specific special needs to limit them.”

We love Elizabeth’s unique perspective on homeschooling, and we will be sharing her stories, advice, and inspiration with you, the Abeka Homeschool community. We hope you’ll join in on these important conversations and feel comfortable sharing your own stories with each other as encouragement in the process. You can join in on the conversation when you share your stories through our Facebook page or Instagram by hashtagging #abekamomtomom.

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Jenny Miller:
July 19, 2024

I love homeschooling. My children are my most important and first ministry.

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