Abeka’s New 3rd Grade Christian School Curriculum

3rd Grade Curriculum

The 3rd grade curriculum just got even better. That doesn’t mean the subjects are “easier.” But it is going to make teaching and learning a whole lot easier.

Why We Decided To Update

As we took a critical look into the way the curriculum was being used, we discovered that 3rd grade teachers were grading more tests, quizzes, homework and projects than any other grade. Our objective in making these changes was to help the teachers, which in turn would prove beneficial to students.

We didn’t omit any information; we actually added more to increase the amount students will study and learn. It’s all been rearranged in a more logical pattern, so each subject is easier for teachers to teach and students to comprehend.

A Few Examples of What’s Changed


The new arithmetic curriculum consists of one page per day where skills are practiced and applied through themes, including animals, travel in the United States, zoos of the world, and outer space. Solving values, fractions, and simple equations will create a solid mathematical foundation for fourth grade. Plus, students will begin to learn more about real-world aspects of math like time and money.


Grammar and writing now revolve around speech, word usage, sentence structure, research skills, and composition. Students will learn to read and gather information, think and plan, write and rewrite, check and polish, and then share the results of their work.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is comprised of many fun activities and questions to answer based on the subjects read. Our goal is to begin prepping the students for achievement test at a young age so they’re prepared beyond the “Here’s a paragraph, answer the questions” explanations they’ll need to give in order to succeed.


We strive to help your 3rd grader acquire a sturdy penmanship by reinforcing cursive and developing step-by-step letter formation. All this while learning to develop creative writing skills and story development through literary terms.


Learning historical figures, discovering the New World and all the modern marvels are part of the new history curriculum. Introducing key historical figures with a timeline will help the children understand them better. For example, learning about life on the Mayflower as well as how the ship was built compared to today will be a more enriched learning experience when we talk about Christopher Columbus.


We’re not just giving students the information, we’re going to show them too. Learning scientific methods through hands-on experiments is the best to way to explore God’s world.


Healthy habits, exercise, and nutrition are all part of life, and important aspects to learn early. This course will also include personal and public safety, as well as manners and etiquette. This will create a solid foundation as they get older.

Tell Us What You Think

We hope you and your 3rd graders enjoy the new curriculum. We look forward to hearing about improvements among teachers, students, and parents. Contact us directly with your feedback by emailing editor@abeka.com or tag us in a comment on social media.

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