Back-to-Homeschool Traditions

back-to-homeschool traditions

A new homeschool year is fast approaching. Make it extra special by creating some new back-to-homeschool traditions for your family this year. Need some inspiration? Here are 20 traditions shared straight from homeschool parents just like you.

1. Have a Date With Mom

“I take my boys to a local breakfast spot where we evaluate the previous year and discuss our plans for the upcoming year.” Jill D., FL

2. Late-Night Ice Cream Run

“We put all the kids to bed on the night before school starts. A few minutes later, we march into their rooms blowing horns! Then we take everyone to get ice cream! It’s our night before school tradition.” Brooke W., TX

3. Fix It

Fix everything that is broken: pump up the balls, patch the bike tires, straighten up the garage, etc. before the homeschool year begins and those things fall to the wayside.

4. Griddle Grades

Make pancake numbers representing new grade levels.

5. Grand Entrance

Decorate the homeschool room door with crepe paper. As each child enters, say, “You are now entering the ____ grade.”

6. Enjoy Your Freedom

“Since we don’t have to follow the local school calendar, we run to the beach and eat ice cream on the first day! It’s still hot where we live.” Elisabeth W., GA

7. Sweet Swings

On the first day of school, tape your kids’ favorite candy to their swing set and watch as they jump for joy.

8. Hide-and-Seek Supplies

“While it’s always exciting to shop for school supplies, we’ve found it’s even more fun finding them hidden around the house.” Hope K., NC

9. Breakfast Party

On the first day, decorate the breakfast table with streamers from the ceiling to the four corners of the table.

10. Practice Makes Perfect

Have a practice/orientation day. Each class is 10 minutes long. It will feel more like pretend “school” and get your kids excited.

11. Sunrise Exercise

Exercise as part of your back-to-homeschool morning routine; everyone will work better.

12. Wear PJs All Day

“Our sons get pajamas as a back-to-school tradition. They do their first day of school wearing them.” Jill D., FL

13. Make a Schultute

“When I was growing up in Germany, I always received a schultute. It’s a large poster board cone filled with treats and school supplies. My kids love them as much as I did.” Charleen, M., CT

14. Back in the Day

During the first week of school, Mom and Dad tell a school story from their own childhood each night at supper. 15. Nix Overdue Fees Staple the library check-out list to the calendar on the due date as part of your library return plan.

16. Who Knew/New?

Ask your kids about the new things they learned and about what they already knew each evening at supper.

17. Save the Date

Buy a calendar and a different colored marker for each person in the family. Write events in the correlating colors.

18. Host Meal of Commitment

Host a meal in which each child lights a candle after being challenged to make a specific commitment, such as finishing school work without complaining.

19. Reset Your Mindset

Every year before school starts, re-evaluate your expectations for each child and for yourself.

20. Say Cheese

“We decorate a small chalkboard for each child’s first day of school pictures.” Brooke W., TX

We want to see your back-to-homeschool traditions! Tag us on social, and use the hashtag #AbekaFirstDay. We hope you have an amazing school year!

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