Educational Field Trips that Won’t Break the Bank

educational field trips

As a homeschool parent, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to get everything you need to do done on any given day. Well, one thing you won’t need to worry about is how to come up with new ideas for field trips this year. We’ve put together a list of six fun and educational field trips for you and your kids to enjoy.

Experience Science

Turn a nature walk outdoors into a leaf scavenger hunt by selecting a variety of trees that grow in your area, and start searching for fallen leaves! If you have a group, you can even divide the children into teams to see who can find all the different varietals.

Create Art

Have your kids bring along a clipboard and a piece of paper with a few crayons on the nature walk. Ask them to spot something they want to draw and stop to spend some time absorbing the beauty of the outdoors while being creative.

Visit a Local Farm

It’s fascinating to learn about where your food comes from and all the effort that goes into growing it. Do some searching around your local community to see if there are any berry farms, corn fields, or even local farmers’ markets. Use this time to show your children how God designed the earth to produce food naturally.

Explore a Museum

If your city has a museum, get out and see what your local community has to offer for learning opportunities! Many museums also offer discounts for children under a certain age or even free admission.

Check Out a Pet Store

Show your kiddos some real-life animals at the local pet store. Watch the lizards and snakes, peer in to see the fish showing off their colors, observe a few cute bunnies, and watch as your child’s eyes light up. They’ll love the experience of being close to animals. Add some educational value to the trip by asking them to name the animals they saw and something they learned about each of them.

Practice Spanish

Take your kids out to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch, and ask them to order from the waiter or waitress in Spanish. Maybe one of the Spanish-speaking staff members could even teach them each a phrase or word that they might not already know. The experience will be memorable, and hearing the language from native speakers will be impactful.

Kids are sponges, so don’t be hard on yourself about finding the fanciest field trip destinations. There’s a learning opportunity almost everywhere you turn, so once you’ve checked off these six ideas, you’ll probably think of many more! Share your ideas with us on Instagram and Facebook. We love to repost our homeschool moms’ ideas for everyone else in the Abeka community to see.

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James Houston:
July 24, 2024

Learning about your program and cost.

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