Make Homeschooling With Abeka Work For You: How Sara Hewitt Does It


Sara Hewitt was homeschooled with Abeka, went to Pensacola Christian College, worked for Abeka, and now teaches her son with the curriculum she’s grown to learn rather well.

Sara Hewitt laughs thinking back about her own homeschool experience. “When it came time for me to start school, my mom said, ‘Oh boy,’” Sara said with a smile. “I guess I really wasn’t as focused as I should have been.”

Sara is highly right brained – an artist. She has always been more interested in visuals than words or math problems. In fact, she used to look through her Abeka books at the artist’s work, dreaming of one day getting that job. After college, as luck would have it, she did. Sara got a job with Abeka and had the opportunity to work with those same artists to re-illustrate the visuals she grew up loving. “It was an amazing experience,” she said.

Sara and her husband, Greg, agreed before they had children that when the time came, homeschooling was the choice for them. So once she was pregnant with her son, Clark, who is now six, she knew it was time for her to finish working and assume the duty of a homeschool mom.

“I transitioned into home life, which is also challenging,” she said. “There’s all sorts of challenges when it comes to being a mom and just learning the pace of the day. Fortunately, the Abeka curriculum helps us tremendously.”

While Sara proclaims that Clark is a better student than she ever was, she also recognizes a similarity in his love for art. “He’s always drawing something, creating something. Probably because he has two artist parents,” she said. (Greg is a photographer.)

Sara’s life with Abeka really came full circle when she one day turned on Clark’s K5 video and saw some of the charts she had worked on during her time working at Abeka. “I was like, ‘Oh, God is like that, isn’t he?’” she laughed. “He used that art right in the curriculum I always hoped for it to be used in.”

For Sara, It’s been neat to see it work out that way. From a restless homeschool student using Abeka, to attending PCC, to working at Abeka, and now having the pleasure of teaching her son with Abeka, it’s been quite a journey.

“Abeka gives me the tools I need,” Sara said. They give me the lesson plans, the books, the suggestions for hands-on activities. And I can choose which ones fit best for our family.”

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