Organization Tips for Your Homeschool Space


Organization saves time in your day and can help everyone feel more focused. But where do you start? Here are 5 ideas.


1. Use what works for the rest of your house.

What’s your favorite go-to organization tool? Use it here!

Whether it’s clear plastic storage boxes, magazine dividers, wire or wicker baskets, hanging mail sorters, plastic storage carts, or over-the-door shoe hangers—they work for books and school supplies just as well as they do in your closets.


2. Decide on a place for everything.

Establish a place for each child’s books. Do the same thing for your parent materials and materials all your children share. Pick a bookshelf, drawer, or part of the closet where those items live.


3. Label.

After you’ve designated a space for everything, label it! Label the space for each child’s books and papers, for school supplies, etc. There’s no learning curve over where stuff goes, and putting it away doesn’t take any thought.

Label a folder for each child and/or use a three-ring binder to keep up with work throughout the year.


4. Color code.

Splashes of color add some liveliness to your space, and it’s easier to differentiate between subjects and children’s work. Even filing cabinets can be color coded with chalkboard paint and then labeled.


5. Think outside the box.

  1. If you have a very small space or travel often, try putting materials into a rolling suitcase!Use binder rings to hold laminated flashcards together.Turn a cleaning-supplies caddy into a school-supplies caddy. Or try organizing files using a wire dish rack.

Remember, there’s no magic in your homeschool space except for what you bring to it. Your dining room table can work just as well as a gorgeous, dedicated homeschool room. Find the tools that help you stay organized, or create your own!

Just like in homeschooling itself, your organization is all about what works for you.

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